Being Irreplaceable In an Organization

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Always strive to be number one and prove that you can go the extra mile and can to things that your peers can't and you will get rewarded for your smart choices to develop new abilities.


Do you ever wonder why people get promoted, get paid more than you do or get to become the CEO of a company. It is because they prove that they are irreplaceable in a company and it would be hard to find someone else who can master their skills or if someone else who is as qualified as they are is in short supply.

For example when Tiger Woods left golf last year the TV ratings for the tournaments were down and the whole demand for the sport was down. That is because Tiger is such an irreplaceable icon in the game of golf for when he is not playing it gives people less motivation to go out and try to master his skills and have the inspiration to golf because he inspired so many people to play because people enjoyed watching his skills in the game of golf.

The more skill you have and the harder and smarter you work and the more you practice will gain you skill in an organization that will make you irreplaceable to all others. Since you are harder to be replaced you will move up to levels of increasing responsibility and you will most likely make more money because you are worth more to the organization based on your skill and development.

It is important to build your resume and work smart to develop new skills that will stand out and bring valuable information to other organizations if you desire to move. Your skill that you brought over will also be another valuable and most likely another irreplaceable asset that is new and will bring ideas and strengths to the organization you are transferring over to.

You can also demonstrate that you are irreplaceable by reading the fine print of the organization and becoming low maintenance and easy to work with. If you bring your skills and ideas as well as agree with the rules and culture of the company at the same time you are putting in your new ideas then you will make the company a better place if your ideas and strategies fit in well with the existing strategies of the company or organization. This is information and skill that are irreplaceable and will make you shine and since you are more valuable you will get paid more.

Having a winning, positive and charismatic personality is also a positive asset to a team or organization that can increase chemistry and camaraderie which is also an asset that is hard to find.

The opposite is also true when you engage in bad habits. The more bad habits that you perform, such as being late or not meeting production goals, means the more replaceable you are to the company.

If you continue to falter you will be let go because that proves that you are replaceable and they can easily find someone else to fill up your spot. That's why it is always important to prove yourself in everything that you do that you can be the best, bring in innovative and irreplaceable skills and follow the directions and read the fine print of the organization so they you do everything the right way and implement your skills and ideas the right way.

So try and not to make any mistakes and always strive to be number one and go the extra mile while working smart and that will help you rise up and make the most money in comparison to your peers.

Make your goal this week to improve and become the best at what you do and you will receive the best rewards!

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Being Irreplaceable In an Organization

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This article was published on 2010/11/02