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To create a Limited Liability Company in short LLC, one is required to file the articles of organization with the state. Most of the states offer the applicants a fill in the blank type articles of organization, which is when filled, must be filed back to the office of Secretary of State. In many other cases, the applicants or the attorneys (on their behalf) are free to prepare the article by themselves provided that they have at least the minimum knowledge needed by the state, where the corporation is being created. The nature of the information required in the article may differ in each state.

- First of all, go to the website of the Secretary of State, where you want to form the LLC and from there download the articles of organization. Depending on the place where the article is being submitted, you may acquire the article of organization through email, mail or even in person.

- The very first thing which is asked in the article is the name of your LLC and its address. There are many states which require the use of suffix at the end of the business name like LLC or limited liability company. Another most important thing is that the chosen business name must be unique.

- Mention the purpose behind the formation of LLC. Most of the states require mentioning the nature of the business, which the LLC is planned to conduct. This is mentioned in the website of Findlaw, you can check the website to get the gist of it. However, in most of the cases, the LLC may be asked to mention the specific reason behind the LLCs formation.

- Mention the registered agents name and also the address. Generally the agent should be an adult person or in few cases, a business, which aggress to accept the LLCs legal documents. The address of the registered agent or the business must be in the state where the LLC is being created and where the documents of LLC can be delivered.

- The next thing which would be asked in the articles of organization is to mention the LLCs operational structure. Here names and addresses of all the members must be indicated who will manage the Limited liability company.

- Now sign and submit the articles of organization with the states secretary along will the required fee for filing. The fee may vary for each state.
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Articles of Organization Preparing and filing this document is a major step in the formation of a successful business. For other more information visit our website. Hope you will find it resourceful.

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Filing Articles Of Organization

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This article was published on 2010/11/24