Recruitment Process Outsourcing-The Initial Step

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To run an organization the first and foremost thing after infrastructure needed is a good and efficient work force. To find work force the process of recruitment is what responsible for the same. Recruitment is needed by all organizations whether big or small and is also an unending process. It is an unending process as every time and employee of a firm is offered a better job or there may be some other circumstances that makes him switch to some other organization. When an employee does so there are two organizations that has to go under the process, the organization that he has switched to and the organization he has switched from. The organization recruited him because there might be a need of a person to some vacant designation which he can affectively work at, and the organization he have quit, recruits as a new place is vacant and it needs to be filled urgently in order to maintain its smooth functioning.

To recruit new staff, there are many recruitment agencies who are an expert to do so but the organizations due to some misconception end up taking wrong decision. They do so because they consider that hiring a recruitment agency can be very expensive and may also disturb their budgets of expenditure. They mostly get the task done by the Human Resource (HR) department which already has to work under so much of responsibilities and then they are again given this job which requires a lot of hard work and time that they cannot afford to waste. Therefore it is always wise to hire a recruitment agency for the purpose so that the demand is met efficiently and no other pains are taken. Mostly recruitment agencies follow a common procedure for the purpose. When ever a new assignment is assigned to them, they make a call throughout the market and interested and capable candidates are invite according to their qualifications on resumes. When resumes are received, they are short-listed and the selected ones are invited up on for interview. The one who clears the interview are recruited and the task is met.

This is a very casual way to perform such an important task. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is that recruitment agency that has a very different approach even being to follow the same above mentioned general procedure. Whenever a new task is assigned, what they do is that they go through a proper research about the organization and it is been analysed as to what the organization has and what else is not required. Sometimes if they find that a new designation is needed then they also suggest the same for a organization and then works accordingly whether it is being considered or not.  When the step is taken they, make a call in the market and interested and the most efficient ones are invited for the race as per their resumes. Then comes a very important stem, short-listing of resumes. It is that process that has to be done very carefully as many times what happens is, a candidate may mention fake information in order to impress the interviewer. This is why a good check to them is done and if any such is came across, it is immediately disqualified and are even rejected for any future consideration even for any other task. Once the short-listing part is done, interviews are commenced, the hardest part. The company has appointed a interviewers for the purpose who are very experienced who at the very first meeting can make out that, whether the person is of any benefit to the organization or not and this is how it goes on. The one who is able to clear it is recruited. There are many other aspects of the company that makes it different form the others, to know more about them just log on to 

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing-The Initial Step

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This article was published on 2011/11/23