Simple Ways to Smart Philanthropy

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Being a philanthropist doesn’t mean one should not be careful of where money goes. It is essential that when you are donating for a cause, you do so with the right place. You will also have ensure that your money is being used the right way ie with a majority of it going to the cause and the remaining being used for administrative and other such requirements of any agency.

If you plan to donate to an organization, be a smart donor. For starters, make sure that you are not taken in by a spectacular name or a familiar name for that matter. No matter how big or small the organization, make sure to check its credentials completely. Always ask for information in writing. Legitimate organizations who have nothing to hide will instantly provide you with what you need and more. There are watchdogs of charitable organizations such as the AIP, check with them to ensure that you are donating to a registered organization.

There are plenty of sob stories that are employed by unscrupulous donor organizations. One of the most favorite ploys is the hard on luck story. Those calling you on the phone or sending you direct mails will have to be questioned on their authenticity. You will know from their reaction to your questions on how legitimate they are.

Always try and ask if the charity you plan to give do is registered with the federal or the state or even the local authorities. Though this does not give them a 100 per cent stamp of approval, it does lead to some genuineness on their record. There are several organizations that send along small gifts like chocolates or visiting cards or calendars and other such small and useful things. This is used as a way to guilt trip people into shelling out money. No organization can demand money from you based on gifts that have been sent to you unsolicited. So never feel that you are under obligation to donate to these places. Also remember that any organization sending you gifts will also have higher overheads when it comes to administrative costs.

When you are sure that a particular charitable organization has met all your criteria, then you can go ahead and make a donation. Always be sure to donate generously as this will help fund the better programs that an organization has. Once you see how your money is used, you are sure to increase a donation the following time.

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Simple Ways to Smart Philanthropy

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Simple Ways to Smart Philanthropy

This article was published on 2011/07/23