Taking care of our world, one charity at a time

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As our world is becoming smaller through the use of technology and the ease of transport, it feels like we are tightening into a global village. Thanks to modern developments, we are now aware of other countries in a way that we have never been before. We know more about their people but we also know more about their problems. With natural disasters affecting some countries, hunger and disease holding back others, many philanthropists all over the world are now broadening their horizons of giving, and are donating to international charities.

Some big-name charities are helping causes all over the world. Avaaz has been stepping up and giving people a voice in matters of political and environmental concerns, and bringing worldwide attention to minority groups who are being exploited. For people who don’t have access to clean water or sufficient food supplies, especially in places stricken by war or destroyed by natural disasters, the World Food Program has done some amazing work internationally to help people survive in dire circumstances. Other international charities like Oxfam works in partnership with local charities in 94 countries to relieve poverty and bring about change for people all over the world by raising public awareness. These and other charities speak with authority as they do proper research on all their projects and they are respected all over the world.

International charities can lightly be divided into three main groups. The first group, Humanitarian Relief Supplies is made up of charities that will focus on bringing relief to people in e.g. disaster stricken areas. They will collect donations of food, clothes, gasoline, building materials or other supplies and take it to people who are unable to relocate and are stranded without food or shelter. People stranded by natural disasters like an earthquake or a tsunami will depend greatly on Humanitarian Relief Groups.

Development and Relief Services is a collective name for charities that provide medical and developmental services to people all over the world. Some of the developmental services may include the education of local people, aiding people in improving their agricultural setup, or helping locals to improve their economic stance. An example of this is JICA, a Japanese governmental program that place paid volunteers in developing countries to teach people skills and support their development.

The promotion of peace and defending of human rights is another important role of international charities. Under the group International Peace, Security and Affairs, many of the UN-linked charities enable student exchanges, fostering internationalization at a grassroots level and promoting improved relationships between countries. They also help with foreign policy research and create human rights groups.

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Taking care of our world, one charity at a time

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Taking care of our world, one charity at a time

This article was published on 2013/04/16
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