The Soul Of An Organization

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The Soul Of An Organization

An organization thrives on the spirit of it's employees.If the employees are better spirited and work with proper co-ordination and co-operation then the organization is well nourished.It becomes able to compete in the market.A great deal of excercise is required on the part of the employees to take the organization to a greater height.All should be proud of their organization.The organization's mission and vision should be deeply embedded in the hearts of the employees.They should have all praise for their organization and feel themselves proud in working in the organization.Their attitude towards the organization greatly determines their working spirit in it.They should develop a positive attitude towards their organixation.

Mission and vision of the organization-Each employee should be through about the mission and vision of an organization and they should sing those mission and vision in their daily lives.The mission and vision of an organization should be deeply embedded in the hearts of the employees so that they can always think of the welfare of the organization.Those missions and visions should be their prayer in life.Rising from the bed looking to the bright sun shine they should remember the goals and mission of their organization,which will help them to work in a better spirit in the organization.

Emotional attachment towards the organization-Each employee should develop an emotional attachment towards the organization.They should participate in all hurdles of the organization and unitedly they should work to overcome all hurdles in order to take the organization to a greater height In this competitive world.developing an emotional attachment towards the organization the employees can develop a keen interest in themselves to know all aspects of the organization beginning from a pin to a file.Motivation appeals to emotion.So developing an emotional attachment towards the organization the employees will be better motivated and can impart excellent customer service.

Co-ordination and co-operation among the employees-The soul of an organization wants that all employees should work unitedly In carrying out the organizational goals.For this a great deal of co-ordination and co-operation is required by the employees.Unity is strength.We have heard this sentence since our the employees should forget all their differences and they should have proper understanding of each other even at their thought level so that while at work they will have a remarkable co-ordination and co-operation in taking their organization to a greater height.

Self development vs organization's development-Each employee shold develop themselves.They should throughly educate themselves about the system and methods of the organization by which they can work in a manner according to the tune of the organizational goals and objectives.The employees should develop themseles while they are off the job.What ever activity they undertake thay should think in which way that activity is going to help them to work in a better spirit in the organization.They should develop those tendencies among themselves by which they can improve their personality,their morale and their spirit so that they can be fit to serve well in the organization.If the employees try to develop themselves in all areas of life then there will be a development in the organizational activity.So there is a need for self development for the employees of an organization on which the development of the organization greatly depends.If the employees become knowledgeable and through about the organization then definitely they will be elevated to greater heights and the organization will also keep it's head strong and erect.

The founder of the organization-Each employee should know the founder of the organization,his philosophy,his life and his motive in building the organization.By this the spirit of the founder of the organization will work in them and at no point of time they will feel frustrated and demotivated.The spirit with which the founder had established the organization will penetrate in to the minds of each employee and they will have a greater respect to their organization and that also will act as a moral booster to the employees in taking the organization to a greater height.

Working curriculum-All the executives and the employees should have an excellent working curriculum inside the organization over which they should work and try to bring about an all round development of the organization.They should work systemetically and methodically setting examples for the junior employees by which their leadership quality will be improved.They can thoroughly motivate others to work in a better spirit and with dynamism.

Looking forward and going forward-Each organization has downfalls at certain point of time.Some executive's wroung decesion or arrogant behaviour might have hurt them.But this is not the time to look to those..The employees should work in the living present not brooding over the weak points of the organization.They should always highlight the strong points of their organization and proclaim that their organization is the number one in the country.which will also improve their own self image and positiveness in life and they can contribute more to the organization by working in a vibrant manner.

Realising the soul of an organization and mingling the song of the soul of the organization with the song of their own souls they will find the whole organization among themselves and clearly visualise how best they can contribute to the organization and this will give them a greater zeal and motivation to work in the organization in a vibrant manner taking it to a greater height and really making it number one in the country.

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The Soul Of An Organization

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This article was published on 2010/11/28